My sister and I spent 5 hours watching Desperate Housewives today.

I regret nothing.


Things have been so weird lately.

Perhaps it’s just because it’s final’s week, I’m not sure.

So many things are on my brain.

I’ve failed my first exam,

surprisingly, there was no earthquake that plunged me into the Earth’s core.

I need my friends,

I need the comfort of company,

I need some hot cocoa and biscuits.

I can’t believe 2010 is nearly finished.

I’ve changed so much, we’ve changed so much.

It’s okay though, as they say, things happen for a reason.

I feel like I’m incoherent all of the time.

A Wrackspurt… They’re invisible. They float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy, I thought I felt one zooming around in here." -Luna Lovegood

Deathly Hallows Part 1:
This movie was AMAZING. Definitely my favorite ever.
I won a prize before the movie started because I knew the Hogwarts School motto. I gave it to them in Latin, but they didn’t understand so I gave it to them in English, bitches love English.
I cried after Dobby died. TEARS EVERYWHERE. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t but I totally did.
The movie was sooooo good I can’t wait six months for Part 2.
I got interviewed after because of my costume and what I thought about the movie. Wassup local news haha.
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I just found out how lesbians have sex.



Today was such an unproductive meeting at GSA. Our president was 25 minutes late to the meeting. I basically took over the meeting and gave our sponsor ideas. I don’t think our president gives a fuck anymore.


When I was a sophomore I became really depressed and I didn’t go to school for almost two weeks out of February. I’m afraid that it will happen again.


I just watched a documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church that advocates picketing of funerals and believes ‘all fags should die’. It really upset me. Although I’ll probably never see them in my life it hurts knowing there are people like that out there. I’m a strong believer in Christ, he taught tolerance and love. They’re turning people away from God. I feel bad people are so ignorant and don’t want to change at all. If any crazy christian has done anything to make you feel ostracized and alone I want to apologize, there are good people out here.

Can I tell you guys a secret?

I watch the makeup guru tutorials on youtube when I’m bored…


  • MichellePhan
  • Jlovesmac1
  • Bubzbeauty
  • Pertilude

Whatever, I do what I want.

Things I love:
  • Redheads
  • Issac Slade
  • Pugs
  • Photos
  • Football games
  • Fajitas
❒ taken ❒ single ✔ too busy watching Ugly Betty
I have this problem.

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Downloading Katy Perry’s new album before football practice.

I’m not a stereotype.

I just came back from football.
I drew this on before because I’ve been having a little trouble believing in myself and having confidence. I fucking kicked ass today. Lady Gaga uses this cross in her monster logo and that’s why I drew it. I pushed myself because I was free. I pushed myself because I knew I could do it. Call me lame, whatever. I’m just free.
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Also today, I got recognized for a play I did!
I went to my friend’s birthday party today.

I didn’t know anyone there. I felt awkward but then I was like fuck it and just started talking to everyone I could. I made some new friends. All in all it was successful, I even had some awesome sangria.