Just sitting here, waiting to get out of the friendzone. 

Don’t mind me.

  • College: Hope you weren't planning on doing well.
  • Crush: Hope you weren't planning on being in a relationship.
  • Body: Hope you weren't planning on being cute.
  • Life: Hope you weren't planning on being happy.
  • Me: ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
Thanks for coming along for the ride guys. ✌ #Summer2012 (Taken with Instagram)
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"Life can’t be cured, but it can be managed."
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I don’t think he likes me anymore.

So my date this Saturday.

We’re going to Olive garden and watching Underworld Awakening. hahaha YES.

Also if you’re reading this, you’re really cool and I’m stoked. Now go to bed and get better!

Feels good man.
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I look like a freaking Iron Chef in my work uniform. -____-
Btw I got a job at Main Event.
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First dinner of the thanksgiving season.
I’m stuffed.
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The secret to a happy life is ███████.
Tyler Oakley commented on my video haha.
Life made.
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When my friends come over and lay in my bed.

All I can think is:

That’s where I sleep… naked.

I was listening to Lady Gaga an hour ago and somehow I ended up on a video of a man with frostbitten hands getting surgery.

Dammit youtube.